We have both e-learning options as well as webinar-on-demand options for our VAT topics.

e-learning/online courses cover the content by breaking it down into smaller units with a quiz after each section to assess your understanding.

Webinar-on-demand options are recordings of previous live webinars hosted by the Deloitte School of Tax & Legal.

VAT is an essential part of any business. Finance staff need to make decisions regarding the VAT treatment of transactions on a daily basis and if they get it wrong, it could potentially have a huge cash flow impact for the business. Training is one of the simplest and most effective methods to prevent this outflow of cash.

Our VAT sessions will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the key VAT principles, including areas where the most common mistake happens. It will also give you the opportunity to clarify your understanding of the VAT treatment of typical day-to-day transactions.

At the Deloitte School of Tax & Legal, we aim to find a good balance between theory and practical application. The sessions are therefore example-focused and the course material will include additional examples of practical, day-to-day transactions.