Incentives Opportunities Webinar: Green Incentives – fuelling your journey to sustainability.

In South Africa we have an elaborate system of financial incentives to encourage investment, employment and innovation. The menu of incentives available is dynamic and includes national, regional and local incentives. Identifying, understanding and prioritising the right incentive for a project may be time consuming and challenging but can generate significant returns on investment.

This webinar has been designed to create awareness and keep you informed of the various incentive opportunities.

The outline of the webinar is as follows:

Energy Incentives

Investment in energy efficiency technologies, waste recovery and productivity improvement are critical to many businesses.  ​ During this session we will discuss the Section 12L Energy Efficiency Incentive as well as Section 12BA and Carbon tax and how incentives can assist with your energy and decarbonisation journey.

Innovation Incentives

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Connecting with the relevant government bodies and research institutes is likely to propel your innovation capability.  This session will provide detail on the Section 11D Incentive and how best to maximise this incentive.

Infrastructure and Employment Incentives

There are a number of activities across any group that can trigger incentive opportunities. Identifying them at the right time and scoping them optimally is the only way to maximise benefits. This session will focus on the Global Business Services Incentive, Critical Infrastructure Programme as well as the Agro-Processing Support Scheme.

Understanding the various incentive opportunities and the impact of incentives on your wider tax, financial, and commercial activities will further enhance and accelerate your business opportunities.

The webinar will contribute to 1 hour CPD/CPE.


R460.00 (inclusive of VAT) / R400.00 (exclusive of VAT)