2-Part Webinar Series: Completing the ITR14 Company Tax Return

The completion of a company tax return requires a surprisingly amount of work. During the past few years SARS has enhanced and updated the ITR14 return for companies.

For those who are less familiar with the revised ITR14, several areas could be easily overlooked. A good understanding of the ITR14 could help to avoid unnecessary post-submission administration, ensure the correctness of the company tax computation and prevent administrative penalties and interest.

The overall approach to the webinar series is practical and we focus on taking the preparer or reviewer of the “ITR14 Tax return for Companies” through each stage, and each page, of the latest tax return for companies.

We will provide background to any recent changes introduced to the return, including an overview of the tax section(s) relating to the change and what information is required to be prepared.

Where relevant, we also discuss and explain key recent tax amendments which impact on the understanding and completion of the company tax return.


The webinar will contribute to 4 hours CPD/CPE.


R1 265 (inclusive of VAT) / R1 100 (exclusive of VAT)