Doing business cross border creates a number of business and tax issues which are often very complex and interrelated.

Planning for, and correctly implementing controls and processes on, the various withholding taxes which may impact your business is important in terms of managing risk and identifying opportunity. 

The Withholding Tax webinar series has been designed to give you a basic, and practical overview of the key areas to consider when dealing with withholding taxes in your business.

The webinar series consists of 3 sessions as follows:

  • Session 1:  Introduction & Double Tax Agreements
  • Session 2:  Withholding taxes
  • Session 3:  Foreign withholding taxes

The webinar series will focus on the following income/expenditure streams:

  • Royalties
  • Interest
  • Dividends

For each of the above streams we work through a practical example which will allow participants to apply the tax principles to the relevant income stream. 

During session 3 we also discuss the tax implications of inbound payments, the rebate available in respect of foreign taxes paid by the South African taxpayer and the tax accounting of foreign withholding taxes. We work though a comprehensive practical case study as a practical illustration of the theory discuss.

An expert from Deloitte International Tax joined us as a panelist in session 3 to give relevant practical insight and address questions.

Practical examples are incorporated throughout the session, explaining all the key principles.

Please note that the webinar series will not cover Transfer Pricing and Exchange Control Regulations.

This webinar will contribute 4.5 CPD hours