When taxpayers are aggrieved by an assessment or not satisfied with a decision taken by SARS if the decision is subject to objection and appeal, they have a right to dispute the assessment or decision. The importance of the ability of taxpayers to challenge the legality of actions and decisions within the tax system is internationally recognised.

This webinar will provide an update of the systematically approach to follow in the Tax Dispute Resolution Process, regardless of the tax type in question. Where relevant, the applicable Covid-19 tax relief measures will be addressed, as well as the practical e-filing applications.

The webinar covers the following questions:

1)     What entails SARS audits and reviews?

2)     When will SARS pay my tax refund?

3)     Is a dispute process important?

4)     What are the recourses available?

5)     What is the difference between the dispute resolution process and the administrative service complaints?

6)     There is a mistake on my return – how do I request for correction?

7)     SARS made a decision or issued an additional assessment and I don’t agree – what is the dispute process to follow?

8)     What penalties can be imposed?

After successfully completing the webinar series, you will receive a certificate of completion (4 CPD/CPE hours).