The Basics of Calculating a Company’s Taxable Income Online Training Course is developed to take participants systematically through relevant corporate tax principles.

The aim of this online training course is to assist participants to make the correct initial tax decisions when dealing with a set of facts.  

Pertinent questions will be addressed, such as:

  • Whether an expense is revenue or capital in nature?
  • Whether there is an allowance which may be claimed?
  • Which allowance to claim?

These type of decisions can have a significant cumulative impact on the tax that a business pays or saves.

Participants will be able to identify and understand the core principles behind key areas that affect any corporate tax calculation and will be equipped to take a more holistic approach to their work tasks.

This online training course is broken down into 9 sessions.  Each session is followed by a short assessment to test the basic knowledge gained.  After successfully completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for 5 ½ hours. (CPD/CPE credits)